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Absolutely Incredible

"This place was absolutely incredible. We went for a trip out there for a special occasion for the 'dinner experience' as my family started to call it. The people there were amazing, and the food was delicious, but it really was the event afterward that made it. Meeting the new giraffe, Puzzles, was so thrilling and wonderful all at the same time. Getting to be around all the other animals too and getting to know about them was truly an amazing experience."

- Happy Visitor

Great Time

"Excellent sister trip from start to finish! I’m either moving in or taking the animals home! Everyone at Oak Meadow was kind and friendly from start to finish. I especially loved that everyone working there truly loves animals! The food was excellent, the covered wagon we stayed in was unique and cool! The animal tour and animal hugs were HEAVEN for us! Each animal teacher/guide was knowledgeable and loved sharing info. about all the animals. There is so much to see and do here! Don’t be alarmed if you randomly find me hanging out in the refreshing cowboy pool and petting Bear, Jesse and Zeus! Thanks for a great time!!!"

- Happy Visitor

The Animals There Are So Happy

"Amazing experience!! Kristen and her team are putting on a show for sure. The food from Chef was 5 star all the way. Puzzles was there to entertain and give out kisses. Would recommend everyone to visit. The animals there are so happy it was nice to see and u can tell they are well cared for and feed."

- Rowdy T