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Exotic Animal Sponsorship

There’s something about the animals at the Oak Meadow Ranch that we love, and it’s the joy they bring to each and every one of us. Mother Renay, God rest her soul, was the one who had envisioned the ranch the way it is today and, with that vision, she also had in mind that the ranch would be a sanctuary for beautiful animals — it is an understatement to say that Renay loved caring for animals.

At Oak Meadow Ranch, we are proud of the fact that so many lovely animals are able to call our ranch their forever home. We make sure that our four-legged friends are raised with love, care, and compassion while teaching them to interact with our guests, that way everyone can enjoy the magical experience of being around such wonderful animals.

"God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:25


At Oak Meadow Ranch, the greatest need has always been general operating funds — without these funds, we cannot continue to help our four-legged friends. These funds work to provide housing, veterinary care, habitats, enrichment, education, administrative costs, and more for our animals. Any assistance is greatly appreciated and it goes directly to our animals and their wellbeing.

You can mail checks to :

  • Oak Meadow Ranch 440 Red Top Road,
  • Valley View, Texas 76272.

Call 940-902-3679

For Ways That You Can Help Us!


You can become a sponsor for our lovely exotic animals and be part of their lives. You’ll be receiving wonderful pictures of your sponsored animal and also be able to visit them and be part of their upbringing, caring, and so much more!

There are different tiers and ways you can help us keep taking care of the animals at Oak Meadow Ranch.



For $200 a month, you will be able to choose any animal in the ranch to sponsor. This tier will allow you to visit the animal of your choice twice a month.

What will you receive with this package:

  • Choose the animal you want to adopt
  • Two personal visits with your animal every month with another guest*
  • A t-shirt and an 8x10 photo of your animal
  • A plaque with your name that will be located on the animal’s enclosure
  • A pamphlet of the species


At $100 a month, you get to choose the animal you wish to sponsor. You will get to visit them once a month.*

This is what you receive:

  • Choose any one animal you want to sponsor
  • One meet and greet visit every month*
  • An 8x10 photo of your animal
  • A plaque on the donor wall
  • A pamphlet of the species


This package is $75 a month. You will be assigned one of the lovely animals of the ranch and you get to visit them once a month.*

This is what you get with this package:

  • You will be assigned an animal of the ranch as your sponsored friend
  • Visit your four-legged friend once a month*
  • You get an 8x10 photo of your animal
  • A pamphlet of the species


This package is $25 a month and it will assign you one of the animals in the ranch. You will be supporting that animal and be able to visit it.

What you get with this package:

  • You will be assigned an animal of the ranch
  • You get a personal meet and greet with your animal friend once a quarter*
  • You’ll receive an 8x10 photo of your animal
  • A pamphlet of the species

* Appointments are required when doing a meet and greet with your animal.


We are excited that you have taken an interest in adopting one of our wonderful animals and we are overjoyed to have special people out there that share the same passion and love that we share at Oak Meadow Ranch. Every donation goes directly to the care of our exotic animals and the operation and administrative costs that come with keeping them happy and in a place that they love!

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our packages or if you are looking for other ways to help — our four-legged friends appreciate the help!

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